色を失った世界を彩りを取り戻す『Discolored』、『X-FILE』系UFOゲーム『UFO on Tape:First Contact』紹介など - ゲームニュースまとめ

サービス終了から2年半を経て、『ロード・トゥ・ドラゴン コンプリートデータブック(仮)』制作決定。製作スタッフは「完璧なものに仕上げる」と宣言


『ときメモ』を巡る25年前の風景 | Colorful Pieces of Game

Slideshow: 名作リズムゲーム『DEEMO』劇場版アニメプロジェクト


‘Diablo Immortal’ Gets a New Trailer for BlizzCon 2019, but No Release Date in Sight – TouchArcade

Huge “Hallowed Knights” Expansion for ‘Blackmoor 2’ Adds Six New Stages and New Character Jon Jacob – TouchArcade

Remastered ‘Five Nights at Freddy’s 2’ Now Available as Free Update on iOS and Android – TouchArcade

‘Pascal’s Wager’ from TipsWorks That Was Shown Off with the iPhone 11 at Last Month’s Apple Event Is Now Available for Pre-Order on the App Store with a Confirmed Release Date – TouchArcade

Critically acclaimed horror game ‘Layers of Fear’ from Bloober Team is now available on iOS as a premium game – TouchArcade

Supercell’s ‘Rush Wars’ Being Shut Down Before Ever Officially Leaving Beta – TouchArcade

Cooperative 2-Player Mode Coming to Konami’s ‘Frogger in Toy Town’ on Apple Arcade – TouchArcade

Premium Anime-Inspired Run and Gun Shooter ‘Star Titan’ Launches on iOS and Android Next Week – TouchArcade

The ‘Bridge Constructor Portal’ Portal Proficiency DLC Is Now Available on iOS and Android Adding New Levels and More – TouchArcade

‘The White Door’ from Rusty Lake and Second Maze Has Been Delayed to January 2020 – TouchArcade

Check Out this Glorious New ‘The Artful Escape’ Trailer, Coming to Apple Arcade in 2020 – TouchArcade

‘Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds’ Is the Mobile MMORPG from Netmarble Set for a 2020 Release in Japan – TouchArcade

Check Out a New Hands-On Video of ‘Space Grunts 2’ Being Played on an iPad – TouchArcade

‘PAYDAY: Crime War’ Is Being Shut Down Next Month and Is Set to Be Re-Launched with a New Publisher in the Future – TouchArcade

‘Old School Musical – Pocket Edition’ Launches on December 10th, Android Early Access Available Now – TouchArcade

The ‘My Singin‘Dicey Dungeons’ from Terry Cavanagh and Friends Is Arriving on Mobile and Nintendo Switch in 2020 – TouchArcade

Grinding Gear Games Is Bringing the Original ‘Path of Exile’ to Mobile without Compromises as Announced at ExileCon – TouchArcade

‘Sky: Children of the Light’ 0.7.0 and the Season of Belonging Are Now Live on iOS with New Content, Features, and Fixes – TouchArcade

Google Stadia Adds 10 More Games to the Service for Launch Day Including ‘Final Fantasy XV’, ‘Attack on Titan 2: Final Battle’, ‘Football Manager 2020’, and More – TouchArcade

g Monsters’ Toys are Awesome and Are Up for a Toy of the Year Award – TouchArcade

Project xCloud from Microsoft Had a Great Showing at X019 Revealing Some Interesting Information – TouchArcade

Ubisoft Is Bringing the Platform Fighter ‘Brawlhalla’ to Mobile in 2020 on iOS and Android – TouchArcade

‘Farming Simulator 20’ for iOS and Android Arrives Next Month as a Premium Release with Pre-Orders Now Live – TouchArcade

Whimsical Vehicle Creation Game ‘Machinaero’ Launches on iOS December 10th – TouchArcade

Old West RPG ‘MazeQuest 3’ is in Open Beta and Looking for Testers and Feedback – TouchArcade

イースⅠ・Ⅱ通史(19):PCエンジンCDROMの登場 | Colorful Pieces of Game

『ウィザードリィの深淵Ⅱ』に協力させていただきました | Colorful Pieces of Game

行ってきたレポ!Sweden Game Conference2019(スウェーデンゲームカンファレンス) - HokuoGameCat

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