『プリズムラッシュ』たのしー!、KindleでSBクリエイティブの50%還元セール中 - 昨日のゲームニュースまとめ


Darkest Dungeon brings the psychological dangers of dungeon crawling to iPad later this month | Darkest Dungeon upcoming | iPad | Pocket Gamer

Bottom of the 9th is a baseball-based board game coming to iPhone and Android next week | Bottom of the 9th upcoming | iPad | Pocket Gamer

Take the fight ashore in the open world RPG Tempest's DLC Treasure Lands | Tempest: Treasure Lands upcoming | iPad | Pocket Gamer

Champions of the Shengha is a fantasy card battler that relies on your emotions | Champions of the Shengha new release | iPad | Pocket Gamer

The Next 'SEGA Forever' Game Release is Almost Certainly 'Ristar' | TouchArcade

Become a Restaurateur and Master Foodie in 'Chef Wars,' Coming Soon | TouchArcade

Jaws, Back to the Future, and E.T. Coming to 'Zen Pinball' in New "Universal Classics Pinball" Pack | TouchArcade

'Combat Squad' Tactical FPS from Former 'Counter-Strike Online' Devs Available in the US | TouchArcade

'Zlatan Legends' Turns Ibrahimovic Into a Superhero in Space, Which I Call Realism | TouchArcade

Classic Retro Puzzler 'The Last Rocket' Receives 64-Bit Compatibility Update | TouchArcade

The Entertaining 'Paperback: The Game' Just Got Multiplayer in Latest Update | TouchArcade

A List of the Best iPhone Games That Will Die With iOS 11: Your Guide to the 32-Bit Appocalypse | TouchArcade


オンラインゲームにおけるコミュニケーション術 – キュービストブログ

夏も「猫バンバン」が必要そう よく考えると怖い「子猫たちの“避暑地”になったエンジンルームの写真」が話題に - ねとらぼ

8月8日は「世界猫の日」 SNSがモフモフの猫・猫パラダイスに - ねとらぼ

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